Saturday, 12 July 2014

13 WEST STREET (1962)

Aerospace scientist (Alan Ladd) gets roughed up by some bad seeds from Beverly Hills after his car runs runs out of gas. When the police investigation headed by Rod Steiger doesn't move along fast enough, Ladd decides to do it his way - which brings down all kinds of bad on both him and his wife (Dolores Dorn). 

Directed by Phillip Leacock, best known for the UK family classic 'The Kidnappers', '13 West Street' is ordinary at best, uneasy at worst. By this time Ladd's late-stage alcoholism and drug use had ravaged his looks and once-mesmerizing screen presence. Steiger just contorts like an impacted bowel.

Much more appealing and worth watching is Dorn, who got other kinds of exposure in the '70's drive-in hits, 'The Candy Snatchers' (1973) and 'Truck Stop Women' (1974). In '13 West Street', she's very good in the part of a docile housewife who stands by her man but later is willing to stand up when the time comes and the need arises.


  1. Here I am a Ladd fan and have never seen this one. Nice stuff, Gary.

  2. Nice comment about Dolores Dorn, Gary. During the period of 13 WEST STREET, she was a calm and appealing presence. She's good, also, in Sam Fuller's UNDERWORLD U.S.A.



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